The concept of animal welfare

Animal welfare means to provide suitable conditions for the wellbeing of animals during the productive, transportation and slaughter stages.

Animal welfare refers to the animal’s state and the suitable conditions of its surroundings. Therefore, it must be healthy, comfortable, well fed, safe, capable of expressing essential forms of behavior, and not suffer pain, fear or distress. Diseases must be prevented and, if needed, appropriate veterinary treatment must be administered. Humane handling and slaughter is important.

Regulations currently enforced govern aspects of animal welfare that are associated with animal production activities. Law 20.380 on the protection of animals and its decrees Nº 28, 29 and 30, which address the slaughter, industrial production and marketing and transportation of animals, was perfected in accordance with the guidelines of the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code, Article 7 on Animal Welfare.


Animal Welfare Standard

Welfcert standards were developed for each particular animal species and include the differences between different productive systems. Specialists in animal welfare, veterinarians, scholars, producers, associations, international experts, and […]

Welfcert Program

FSTeam has the intellectual property to certify a company on the faithful compliance of animal welfare, regardless of the company’s production system. FSTeam signed an agreement with ACERTA, […]